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Discover - Chris Brown Lyrics

This time she's really out my life, oh
I know I gotta get her back
Just need one night to hit it right
But I can't get her alone, no
Know she deserves to up and leave
If it was me I'd do the same
I see that girl, look like she hoped
So I'd be damned to let her go
Damned to let her goI discover, discover
I love her
Oh, I gotta get her back, oh
I discover, discover
That I love herOooh, that will get her back
I'm guessing this is where it ends
(You don't even pick up for a nigga)
I know shes calling all her friends
(If they don't like me, fuck your bitches)
They probably tryna take her out
(All in the VIP so they can take a picture)
And tryna find her ass a man
Make a nigga mad
Cause she know I heard it
She know that I heard it, I heard it, I heard it
Yeah she know I care, she know that I care
I can't understand, know I treat you bad
But you don't get me back like that, no, no
Oh, oh
I gotta get my baby
Girl don't leave me
All this crazy shit that you been dealin wit, you probably hate me, hey
Cause baby if you cheated, I couldn't ever love that
To know that another nigga is making you smile like
I Discover, discoverI love her
Oh, I gotta get her back, woah, yeah
Discover, discoverThat I love her
Oooh, that will get her back
I can't breathe, yeahCan't breathe, can't breathe, yeah
Girl let me breathe again
Breathe again
Let me breathe again, oh
I can't breathe (Wee-oh, wee-oh)
Can't sleep (Wee-oh, wee-oh)
Can't dream (ye-eah)
So weak, girlGotta get you back
Gotta get you back
Can't think, oh gee
I Discover, discoverI love herOh, I gotta get her back, oh
I discover, discover
That I love her
Oooh, that will get her back
Wee-oh, wee-oh
Wee-oh, wee-oh
Wee-yeah, oh
Get you back (oh)
Get you back (oh)
Can't think, girl
Oh gee, oh, oh
Gee, oh, oh
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